By:Suhan Manzoor

The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund UNICEF was created on 11 December 1946 by United Nations, General Assembly, to provide food and healthcare to children in countries that have been devastated by World War II.



UNICEF gets its funds from voluntary contributors from government and private donors. Private groups and individuals contribute through National Committees. There are National Committees in 38 countries which contribute one third of UNICEF’s annual. Its services are to promote the health and well being of children. It was rewarded the Nobel Prize in 1965.

UNICEF's network is of 150 country offices, headquarters, and offices that work for missions of UNICEF by carrying programs. It also had seven regional offices to provide technical assistance to country offices as needed.


On 7 September 2006 a Spanish Catalan association football club FC Barcelona sponsored UNICEF by printing the logo of UNICEF on the front of their uniform and the club agreement that he will donate 1.5 million dollars per year for five years.

It also provides many orphanages to those children which are orphan and which have no alternative rather than going to an orphanage. UNICEF has many permanent orphanages for the orphans.